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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

VISUAL ERP Training Workshops at BizTech

The BizTech Team has been working hard to create a new learning experience for the VISUAL customer community. We're excited to announce our all-new VISUAL Training Workshops at BizTech! We have created an initial set of workshops that are designed to help you get convenient and cost-effective training and education for your Infor VISUAL users.  We are hosting these workshops at BizTech Headquarters in Northwest Ohio.

Attending a workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to get away from your office and get some hands-on, interruption-free lessons to improve your use of VISUAL, learn new or advanced skills, and learn about new features and functionality in Infor VISUAL-- all while collaborating with our VISUAL consultants and other VISUAL users in a relaxed classroom setting.

Upcoming VISUAL ERP Training Workshops at BizTech:
  • September 20 - How to Create Dashboards in VISUAL ERP
  • September 26 - Leverage the Power of VISUAL Macros
  • September 27 - Maintaining Your ‍‍‍VISUAL and SQL Server Environment
  • October 2 - How to Use VISUAL Advanced Material Requirements Planning
  • October 3 - Understanding the VISUAL Scheduling & Throughput Windows
  • October 4 - Getting Data In and Out of VISUAL
  • November 7 - VISUAL Financial Processes Tips & Tricks
Go to for more details!