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Friday, October 20, 2017

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

The Internet touches almost all aspects of everyone’s daily life, whether we realize it or not. National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is designed to engage and educate public and private sector partners through events and initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, provide them with tools and resources needed to stay safe online, and increase the resiliency of the Nation in the event of a cyber incident.


1. Make sure all of your organization’s computers are equipped with antivirus software and antispyware. This software should be updated regularly.

2. Secure your Internet connection by using a firewall, encrypt information, and hide your Wi-Fi network.

3. Establish security practices and policies to protect sensitive information.

4. Educate employees about cyber threats and how to protect your organization’s data. Hold employees accountable to the Internet security policies and procedures.

5. Require employees to use strong passwords and to change them often.

6. Invest in data loss protection software, use encryption technologies to protect data in transit, and use two-factor authentication where possible.

7. Protect all pages on your public-facing websites, not just the checkout and sign-up pages. 


Monday, October 16, 2017

OINK VISUAL User Group Meeting - November 14, 2017

Ohio - Indiana - Northern Kentucky VISUAL ERP User Group Meeting Agenda


Meeting Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Meeting Location: Novae Corporation
                                1 Novae Parkway
                                 Markle, IN

Meeting Agenda

  • 9:00am – 9:50am Plant Tour (optional)
  • 10:00am – 10:15am Light Breakfast, Registration, Introductions, OINK Business
  • 10:15am – 11:15am “Infor CRM” Donald W. Menrisky, President and Managing Consultant, Simplesoft Solutions, Inc.
  • 11:15am – 11:30am Break
  • 11:30pm – 12:30pm “Reimplementation / Archiving Tips, Tricks and Stories”
  • Jim Kistner, BizTech
  • 12:30pm – 1:00pm Lunch / Break
  • “What’s Happening in 2018” Oink Board
  • 2:00pm – 3:00pm Q & A, Tips & Tricks, Open Discussion and Wrap Up
  • Housekeeping

For questions about OINK or membership dues, call Don Fodor at (937) 535‐0203

Monday, October 9, 2017

Save the Date for VISUAL Focus 2018!

The Premier Infor VISUAL User Conference will return in 2018

VISUAL Focus 2018 will be held at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida. We are looking forward to another excellent VISUAL ERP conference, filled with education, networking and fun! 

Look for updates at and by searching  #VISUALFocus2018 on social media!

VISUAL ERP Tip | Using the VMCRMSNC.EXE utility to sync VISUAL CRM

Did you know that there is a utility in VISUAL that can sync your data with VISUAL CRM?

There is a utility that exists in the VISUAL directory called "VMCRMSNC.EXE" that can link your VISUAL data to an existing VISUAL CRM account, fix data that is different between the two, and add or update addresses and contacts that are out of sync between items. 

  • From the main screen, link VISUAL with VISUAL CRM

  • Sync Contacts screen, you can add missing contacts to accounts in CRM here

  • Here, you can examine and repair the details of linked accounts, addresses and contacts.

This tip is brought to you by BizTech VISUAL Consultant, Darren Farmer.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Find out how manufacturers can reduce audit risk with tax automation.

Ace your next audit.Find out how manufacturers can reduce audit risk with tax automation.

<Download “Sales and Use Tax Audits Uncovered: Who gets audited, why they get audited, and the impact on companies.”>

Manufacturers are in the top three industries most likely to be found non-compliant in a sales tax audit. This new research report analyzed years of real audit data to uncover which industries get audited most and why — with a special section on the particular challenges faced by manufacturers.

The report from the tax compliance experts at Avalara also details the most common compliance errors, typical costs in audit penalties and fees, and factors surrounding audit support and defense.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Streamline your Workforce Management with Kebrite for Infor VISUAL

Job Tracking, Time and Attendance, HR Management & Payroll Solution for VISUAL ERP

Kebrite Workforce Management Solution streamlines the collection of Job, Labor, Payroll, Time & Attendance, and a vast array of HR related data-- with live VISUAL ERP integration! 

Increase Accuracy
Through the use of barcodes, scanners, or touch screens, Kebrite automates the collection of Job Information as well as Time & Attendance. Kebrite Solutions software eliminates manual data entry and integrates into VISUAL ERP and payroll systems to ensure 100% accuracy.

Improve Efficiency
Kebrite solutions will provide you with the most efficient way of tracking shop floor labor, productive/unproductive labor, attendance and payroll, through one single interface.

Track Performance
Through the various reports available with Kebrite, your management team can measure productivity, gauge resource availability, and control the daily production output.

Register for the webinar to learn more about Kebrite's features and functionality, and see a live demonstration of the solution. Can't make the live presentation? Register anyways and we will send the recording.