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Monday, December 7, 2015

Infor VISUAL ERP Tip | Using the Query Tool

Did you know that the Query Tool has been drastically improved in VISUAL 8?

Many of you have seen the Query Tool that comes with VISUAL. If it doesn’t look familiar it could be because many of you saw it once, didn’t know how to use it, and never looked again. 

(Click photos to zoom)

The tool is much friendlier in VISUAL 8. With the simple addition of allowing users to select data fields, the tool advanced leaps and bounds. As you can see, the table names are listed for you. 

If you click the “+” next to the table, you can see the fields within that table.

Below shows what is displayed when you expand the PART table. 

Additionally, Infor has added a drop down list of commands which can be used. 

See below what is displayed through the drop down list.

Now users can create simple statements even if they are not completely fluent in the database structure and SQL. 

Below is a simple example that anyone could build now.  

This tip was brought to you by BizTech VISUAL Consultant, Larry Tussing.


  1. Great improvement! Is there a way to export the results of a query to excel? I'm a newbie, using Visual 7.0.0, and cannot find an easy way to export. Currently all I can seem to do is scroll and highlight the lines and then copy and paste. Obviously, for a large report, this isn't the most efficient way. I've checked the help files and menus, but there doesn't seem to be an export choice.

  2. There is a button added to the Query Tool that allows you to export directly to Excel...but only if you have VISUAL 8.

    For VISUAL 7, this might work:
    1. Select the First Row
    2. Hold the SHIFT key, then press the END key on the keyboard.

    That will select all rows. Then, you can select COPY from the Edit Menu (or CTRL-INS). Then, paste to Excel.

    Hope this answers your question!