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Monday, June 15, 2015

Infor VISUAL Tip | How to sort a search window by a specific column

If you want to sort a search window in VISUAL, you can use the VMBrowse.ini file to help you do so.  

In this example, we are sorting by DATE.

In the VMBrowse.ini file, you can change the SORT= row to the TABLE.FIELD you want it to sort by.

In this example (see screenshot below) it was changed from the CUSTOMER_ORDER.ID field to the ORDER_DATE field.

If you make the ORDER=0, the most recent orders will always be on top

This tip was brought to you by BizTech VISUAL Consultant, Paul Turnberg.

Friday, June 5, 2015

7 Tips for Choosing your ERP Implementation Project Lead

Qualities to look for when selecting the right person to manage your ERP implementation

In the next five years, 47 percent of organizations said they would be migrating their ERP implementations to the cloud...That’s a lot of ERP migrations.

Even if the cloud fulfills its promise of making ERP systems and their implementations easier to use, there’s still plenty of scope for headaches. ERP systems are complex beasts, and they must be deeply embedded in the business processes and systems that businesses use. Any migration, even to the cloud, is a substantial undertaking with plenty of room for project creep, cost overruns, system incompatibilities and adoption issues.

Second only to choosing the right ERP system, selecting the right person to manage the project is the single most important factor in overall implementation success.

Here are seven qualities to look for when selecting the right person to manager your ERP implementation.

1. Excellent multitasking and coordination skills

ERP implementations are loaded with “things to do,” many of which must be completed in a particular sequence. Central to managing an ERP implementation is solid project management and coordination skills, and the ability to juggle many variables at once. “Effective project management includes an ability to define a path to a successful outcome using an established methodology, and then micro-managing that project to ensure that it follows that path as closely as possible,” advises Gross. “This person has to be able to track, manage, and prioritize risk, and sometime make difficult recommendations to extend a project on account of unacceptable risk levels.”

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