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Monday, December 22, 2014

Infor VISUAL 1099 Processing made easy

VizReports™ 1099 Edition for 2014
Print VISUAL Vendor Payment Information Directly on 1099-MISC Forms!

You need to mail out all your completed 1099-MISC Forms by January 31, 2015.

BizTech has the solution to help you meet that deadline!  BizTech's VizReports™ 1099 Edition is designed to extract vendor payment data from your VISUAL database and allow the amounts for each vendor to be reviewed within the application.  

You can even manually specify rents, royalties, medical, and health care payments, etc. as needed.  When the review is complete, you simply print the results directly on your 1099-MISC laser forms!  

This unique reporting tool is available for only $199.00! (per company or per site)

Here is what's new in the VizReports 1099 Application for the Tax Year 2014:
Updated default dates for tax year 2014.
•Revised User Interface.
•Support for VISUAL 7.1.x Multi-Entity/Multi-Site Databases.
•Verification that the forms print correctly on the 2014 Form 1099-MISC and Form 1096.
•Support for Access 2010 and Access 2013 or the Access 2007/2010 Runtime.
•Verified Support for all VISUAL Versions 6.4.1 through 7.1.2.
•Reporting Solution for all versions of SQLBase, SQL Server, and Oracle.

For more information, visit

Monday, December 8, 2014

Infor VISUAL - Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Save those mouse-clicks by utilizing these helpful keyboard shortcuts in Infor VISUAL:

T =  Today’s Date
Space Bar =  Date Selector



Most Order Screens:
F6            Specifications
Shift+F6   Line Item Specifications
F7            Notations (Customer or Vendor)
Shift+F7   Order Notations

Line Items:
Insert      Insert Line item at end
Ctrl-Ins    Copy Line Item
Shift-Ins   Paste Copied Line

Within Search Results:
Ctrl+F11  Next Item
Ctrl+F10  Previous Item

Material Planning Window:
Ctrl+D      Advanced Mode (toggle)
Ctrl+P      Display Demand (peg) Order
Ctrl+S      Display Supply (due) Order
Ctrl+W     View by Warehouse
Ctrl+O      Show Planned Orders
Ctrl+A      Show Allocations
Ctrl+F10   Previous Part
Ctrl+F11   Next Part
Shift-Del   Delete Planned Order

Manufacturing Window Keyboard Shortcut List

Ctrl+O   Add Operation
Ctrl+M   Add Material
Ctrl+L   Add Leg/Detail
Ctrl+X   Cut
Ctrl+C   Copy
Ctrl+V   Paste
Del       Delete
Ctrl+E   Edit
Ctrl+X   Export
Ctrl+I   Import

Ctrl+A   Previous Window
Ctrl+Z   Next Window

F3    Costs
F4    Status
F5    Labor Tickets
F6    Material Issues
F7    Material Availability
F8    Net this Material
F9    Resource Schedule (all)
F10  Resource Schedule (detail)
F11  Work Order/Master Schedule
F12  Picture

F1   Context Help
F2   About Help

Shift+F12    Toggle display mode
+ Show All
- Hide All
Shift+F8     Jump
Shift+F9     Jump Up
Shift+F11   Show/Hide Materials
Shift+F1     Select size preference 1
Shift+F2     Select size preference 2
Shift+F3     Select size preference 3
Shift+F4     Select size preference 4
Shift+F5     Select size preference 5
Shift+F6     Select size preference 6
Ctrl+F10     Previous Work Order/Master
Ctrl+F11     Next Work Order/Master

Ctrl+F   Copy From
Ctrl+Q   Recalculate Quantities
Ctrl+S   Reset Costs From Standards
Ctrl+P   Purchase This Material/Service
Ctrl+H   Dispatch This Service
Ctrl+Y   Visual Quality Tests