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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Create Task Notifications in Infor VISUAL Manufacturing

Did you know that you can create VISUAL Task Notifications?

Learn this trick and you won't miss an important VISUAL Task again!

VISUAL Tasks are generated from processes you define in ECN (Engineering Change Notice), Purchase Requisition, and Workflow modules. This is an excellent feature of VISUAL since it allows you to keep track of things that need to get done, and who should be doing them.

Users will need to go to Task Maintenance from the Purchasing or Eng/Mfg menu to see any tasks that have been assigned to them. 

**Note**Task Notifications are not effective if people forget to go into Task Maintenance to check on their open tasks, and to see if they have new items that have been assigned to them. 

To configure VISUAL so that users will be notified via the Windows Task Tray when they they have open VISUAL Tasks:

  • Click the Tray Notification Icon to open Task Maintenance

  • Choose "Customize" for Windows Tray and select "Show Icon and Notifications"

  • Either using VISUAL INI or Preference Maintenance, add entry
    • TaskTrayIcon=Y

  • This needs to be done for all users who have tasks assigned to them (or use SYSADM to apply to all users).

This tip was brought to you by BizTech's President, Michael Brown

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