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Friday, October 24, 2014

How to print selected work order travellers in Infor VISUAL

Infor VISUAL has powerful tools for batch printing of travelers based upon their status. But for companies that have complex production environments, that capability might not be sufficient. Some companies need to release travelers by warehouse or other criteria. While someone could sit down and separate them by hand (don’t laugh) VISUAL has better tools for accomplishing this feat.

This is done with a powerful, but well hidden VISUAL gem. To find it, open the Work Order Traveller Window [VISUAL Main Menu\Eng/Mfg\Work Order Traveller]. 

Then click on the search button for the [Base ID] field.

That action opens the search dialog box.

It isn’t immediately obvious that this is helpful until you read the little bit of text tucked away in the lower right corner of the dialog box.
“Multiple Work Orders may be selected.”

This capability allied with the [Search] button makes it easy to choose which work orders you want to print. It is easy to set the dialog up to print only “Firmed” work orders for the specified warehouse.
Click [Search] again to restrict the displayed orders to only those for MMC-MAIN.

Note: You can expand the available search criteria by clicking on the “By customer ID” or “By Planner ID” buttons above the [Ok] button.

Select the rows for the orders that you want to print and click [Ok].

Notice that the [Base ID] field now contains the text “Multiple Selections.”

When you click on the [Print] button all of the travellers that you selected will be printed.

This feature is not available in older versions of VISUAL, so you may need to upgrade to take advantage of this capability.

This Infor VISUAL ERP tip was brought to you by Kurt Carr.

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