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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Suppress zero quantity line items in Infor VISUAL ERP

Did you know that you can suppress zero quantity line items in VISUAL so that they don’t show up on a pack-list, invoice, or bill of lading?

To suppress the unshipped or zero shipped lines on an order so they do not appear on a pack list, invoice or bill of lading, make the following change to the VISUAL.INI file for the machine that is going to create the pack list.

When making this setting change, is it critical that all players be represented in the decision making process. This setting impacts not just the presentation of the pack list, but also impacts the invoice. At a bare minimum, the following parties should be consulted before making this change:
  • Customer Service/Outside Sales/Sales
  • Accounting
  • Quality
  • Shipping

This setting will only affect orders that have no shipments against them yet. If the order has a shipment and a return done, the setting will have no effect on the order because there are actually two pack lists for the order, even though the order itself shows none shipped.

Using the Visual.INI file, It will look like so:

Beginning in Release 7.0.0, this setting should be added via Admin, Preference Maintenance and not entered into the Visual.INI File. 
  1. Choose the User(s) that this setting will apply to
  2. Click on the Insert Row icon
  3. In the Section column, enter Shipping
  4. In the Entry column, enter SuppressZeroLines (exactly as it is specified here)
  5. In the Value column, enter Y
Presto!  Your zero quantity line items are now suppressed.

This VISUAL Did You Know tip was brought to you by BizTech VISUAL Consultant, Kurt Carr.

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