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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Did you know that you can enhance your business processes and information flow with VISUAL Macros?

On the surface, a VISUAL Macro appears to be a piece of code that interfaces with VISUAL windows, allowing you to change or check values, perhaps making minor edits prior to saving.  Most people see this as a way to perform validations, or to fill in empty fields. 

A closer look reveals that the Macro does far more.  The code can be triggered by a push-button on the toolbar, a menu selection, or by user actions like saving a record.  A Macro can be used to query other database tables, or even to update records, should you be so bold.

Suddenly, the possibilities expand.  Macros are written in VB Script, and there are a vast number of script examples available, in all forms of media, from books to webpages and YouTube videos.  Knowing this, writing Macros becomes a little less intimidating.

If you continue down the rabbit hole, you uncover the truth.  VB Script supports external API calls to your operating system.  This means that a Macro can do almost anything to enhance business processes and information flow.  

VISUAL Macros can call stored procedures, open external programs and pass values, open user forms, and interact with VB applications that you write yourself.   You can gain access to Excel, Word, or any other application, if you know the secrets of VB Script.  Keep it simple, but don’t feel limited.  Take what you need – the power is all there, just under the hood.

Join the millions of users who utilize VB Script daily.  Take advantage of the many resources available on the Internet, in books and educational courses, provided by your Infor channel partner, and through other VISUAL users just like you. Then, you too can begin using VISUAL Macros to empower your business, and expand on your current capabilities.

This Infor VISUAL Tip was brought to you by BizTech VISUAL Consultant, Paul Turnberg.

Contact your BizTech Client Solution Advisor today at 800-804-4715 to schedule Macro training or request a estimate for your Macro development requirements.

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