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Monday, October 15, 2012

Infor Presents: Manufacturing @ the Speed of Change

Infor Presents: Manufacturing @ the Speed of Change
Four-week webinar series detailing how to accelerate performance and profits, despite rapidly evolving market pressures.

It’s a new era in manufacturing. Global competition and rapidly changing market conditions are forcing companies like yours to continuously adapt to new expectations, innovations, opportunities, and technology advances. Pause and you’re left behind.

Gain a competitive advantage.
Stay ahead of the competition with Infor’s 4-week webinar series. The series kicks off Oct 30, when Infor presents the hottest research and trends in manufacturing today. The topics are relevant, specific to your industries, and offer actionable advice from hands-on veterans in your field.

Each week has a theme and six sessions, including three keynotes. Click on the dates below for topics, detailed descriptions and to register:

  • Oct 30-Nov 1: Keeping pace with market changes.
  • Nov 6-8: Compliance and customers—managing risk and fueling sales.
  • Nov 13-15: Optimizing the last mile—product design, development, and cost control.
  • Nov 27-29: People, processes, and technology—the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.