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Friday, August 31, 2012

Infor Delivers Infor VISUAL for Multi-Site Organizations

Order-Driven Manufacturers with Multi-Site Operations Can Eliminate Redundancies and Streamline Operations

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, recently announced the availability of Infor VISUAL for multi entity/multi-site operations. Infor VISUAL aids companies in streamlining operations across all existing business units and sites, helping to eliminate siloed data and more tightly integrating financial, inventory and manufacturing activities throughout the enterprise. Designed for order-driven manufacturers in various industries, Infor VISUAL provides customers the information needed to make quick, confident business decisions, helping boost operational efficiency and introduce new products and services quickly.

The new multi-site capabilities of Infor VISUAL will help companies to consolidate on one database and maintain accurate accounting records and financial statements for each entity or location, while rolling up the information to the parent company or site for enterprise-wide reports. In addition, master data can be shared across the enterprise to control inventory, WIP, planning, scheduling, and costing for those sites from a single, centralized location.

"We want our customers to have all the tools they need for success - so we design every Infor application knowing that speed and accuracy are going to be critical to navigate this complex business environment," said Mark Humphlett, director of ERP marketing, Infor. "Infor VISUAL helps address the need for a seamless flow of data across the enterprise, giving business leaders the tools they need to make informed decisions that directly affect the bottom line."

Infor VISUAL Delivers:
  • More efficient sales, purchasing, and inventory management. Use one database to track separate estimates, sales orders, RFQs, purchase orders, and RMAs by site, and have clear visibility into site-specific engineering masters, quotes, and work orders.
  • Advanced, real-time planning and scheduling. View plans and schedules for multiple sites simultaneously.
  • Clear visibility into financial management. Automate reporting and filter the Chart of Accounts to view activity by site and generate consolidated reports across entities, even if the entities use different financial calendars.
  • Strengthened vendor and customer relationships. Create vendor IDs that have unique information such as accounting or payment details and customer IDs that have unique information such as VAT, billing, bank, credit limits, bill-to addresses, etc. The ability to invoice separately for those locations and get paid with one check for multiple invoices.
  • Organized contact management. Gain support and flexibility in managing a contact base from a centralized location.
  • Enhanced security management. Assign users at three levels-allowable, viewable, and default. Employees can enter labor tickets for any site they are allowed to use, but not for any other sites that are restricted to them.
  • Improved equipment maintenance capabilities. Assign site IDs to equipment to manage equipment maintenance-either planned or unplanned. Helps manage scheduled down time for equipment by location.
"Through this new update, we now have the ability to automate transactions at more than 30 international locations that perform large numbers of inter-company purchases every day," said Cynthia Bly, VISUAL Information Services Manager, Pyrotek. "This automation will save us a tremendous amount of time and significantly reduce manual errors."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Did you know you can begin Forecasting Cash with just a few entries using VISUAL’s Cash Management Window?

You can begin forecasting cash in VISUAL with just a few entries using VISUAL’s Cash Management Window...

Go to VISUAL Main Menu | Cash | Cash Management window to begin.

When you open the Cash Management Window, you will be presented with dialogue box that asks you to select a Cash Plan.

If you do not have a cash forecast and Plan ID set up, you will need to create one by clicking on the NEW Icon, and then enter your Plan Id in the dialogue box.  Press Save.

You will begin by setting up two “default” lines, one to report all the Outgoing Cash Transactions, and another to report all the Incoming Cash Transactions. 

This is all you will need to start- as all incoming and outgoing transactions will be reported on these two lines when you update the forecast window with actual transactions.

Begin by selecting the Category Wizard Icon.  You will be presented with a dialogue box.  Select the Outgoing Cash option and press NEXT.

Choose “Default Category for Other Accounts” then press NEXT and then press APPLY.

After you press APPLY, VISUAL inserts the category line into the forecast table.

Next, you insert a line using the Add Line Icon and repeat the process selecting Incoming Cash.

Once you have added the two default accounts, the Cash Forecast screen looks as follows.  You are now ready to enter your beginning Cash Balance and Update Actuals.

Next, go to Options | Properties and the following dialogue box appears.  Enter your beginning cash balance and the Entity code and Currency code.  Press OK.

Next, we will update the Cash Forecast Window with the Actual Cash transactions that have occurred to date.  Select the Update Actuals Icon and enter the appropriate date range.  Press OK.

VISUAL will populate all the cash activity into the two default lines.  Next you can begin adding additional lines to identify the specific accounts that will provide and use cash.

At this point, you will need to refer to the On-Line Books and/or help text to complete the forecast, but hopefully this will get you started.  When you add the additional accounts, your forecast should look something like the one below.

This Infor VISUAL Tip was brought to you by BizTech VISUAL Consultant, Joe Horvath.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's New with Infor VISUAL?

VISUAL Summit Week: What’s New for Infor VISUAL?

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Infor knows businesses are driven to quickly improve performance while keeping costs low. Yet, with the potential innovative software has to drive speed into your business, now is not the time to scale back on innovation. That’s why we’ve been increasing our investment in Infor VISUAL.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Did you know that VISUAL 7 has the ability to remember recently opened documents?

In application Global Maintenance, there is a new field “Recent File List Limit”, which you can set.

This number controls how many recent files should be remembered by VISUAL.

Then, in windows that support it- such as Part Maintenance- you can quickly go back to a recent part from the file menu.  Makes things a bit easier!

This VISUAL Did You Know Tip was brought to you by BizTech VISUAL Consultant, Paul Turnberg