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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Did you know you can search Line Data from the Order Header using the SQL Search Function?

We will use Customer Order Entry to walk through this example, although this same concept can be used in other areas of VISUAL.

1.    Open customer Order Entry and start a search using the ellipse or the  magnifying glass icons, depending on which version of VISUAL you are using.

2.    Select “Data” from the menu screen and then select “SQL…

3.    The default screen will only show the “From” column populated with CUSTOMER_ORDER,CUSTOMER

4.    Copy the following (without the quotes) “CUSTOMER_ORDER,CUSTOMER,CUST_ORDER_LINE” into the “From” window.
           Notice how the CUST_ORDER_LINE table was added.

5.    Copy the following (without the quotes) into the Search condition:

      Notice the table links are in this query- this is essential to the where clause of a SQL statement.
VISUAL browse by SQL statement

6.    Enter the criteria between the percentage signs.
(user_1 is where the information is stored on the customer order line)

7.    Select the row and it will open the customer order.
This VISUAL Did You Know Tip was provided by BizTech Consultant, Tasha Parker

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