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Thursday, September 22, 2011

GSSI Achieves 93 Percent On-Time Delivery with Infor ERP VISUAL

Greater Data Visibility Reduces Lead Times and Increases Customer Satisfaction

ATLANTA - Sep 19, 2011 - Infor, a leading provider of business application software with operations serving more than 75,000 customers, today announced that Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI), a market leader in ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction equipment, increased its on-time delivery performance level from 60 percent to an average of 93 percent with Infor ERP VISUAL's EasyLEAN module,  which alters traditional planning methods to reduce inventory and smooth production flow. Better control over labor and materials paired with greater data visibility cut lead times by more than half, thereby increasing customer satisfaction through punctual shipments and amplified throughput.

News Points
·         GSSI increased on-time delivery performance from 60 percent to an average of 93 percent using ERP VISUAL's EasyLEAN module.

·         GSSI also cut lead times from four weeks to two weeks through improved inventory visibility, with orders now ready to ship up to 50 percent faster than before. 

·         EasyLEAN enables better control over labor and materials, thereby reducing shortages on the manufacturing floor and increasing customer satisfaction through on-time deliveries.

·         Both intuitive and easy-to-use, EasyLEAN facilitates the integration of information from sales, operations and manufacturing departments, permitting the reduction of inventory through easier, accurate data access for management.

Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. Quote
"Prior to EasyLEAN, we had too many material shortages and inefficiencies on the manufacturing floor," said Jack O'Leary, vice president, Operations, GSSI. "Now, we have much greater insight into inventory and labor needs, allowing us to increase revenue without increasing resources. EasyLEAN enables better service for our current customer base with quicker delivery and shorter lead times, positioning us to outpace our competition and gain market share.  Punctual shipments lead to happy customers, which ultimately generates more revenue for our company."

Infor Quote
"Infor ERP VISUAL is an intuitive solution that integrates functional areas such as sales, operations and manufacturing, facilitating collaboration between each division to dramatically reduce manufacturing lead times while boosting on-time delivery and fulfillment rates," said Mark Humphlett, director, ERP Solution Marketing, Infor. "ERP VISUAL brings order to your orders, so shipments stay on schedule from the shop floor to the customer's location."

To view the full press release on Infor's website, click here

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