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Friday, August 26, 2011

ERP Myth or Reality?

Your ERP Implementation will be a success if you choose the best ERP Software.
This is a myth!  Even if your organization picks the best ERP software system, the implementation could still fail.  ERP system implementations can become very complex, and to be successful, consist of much up-front planning, a smooth implementation, and ongoing maintenance.
Most believe that their ERP system implementation will be successful if it finishes on time, on budget and results in significant business benefits. However, it may be difficult to reach that goal because implementation projects involve many people- from different levels of internal employees, to external consultants.  This leaves much room for human error.  Your organization’s implementation team, including the CFO and CIO, need to identify implementation best practice to increase your organization’s chances of ERP implementation success.
Below are a few best practices that will help your company achieve ERP system implementation success:
·         Understand the target benefit of an ERP system implementation
·         Take time to Plan up front
·         Focus on business processes and requirements
·         Focus on achieving good ROI
·         Gain commitment from company executives
·         Have great Project Management
·         Perform a Data Migration

For more information about ERP system selection, read the white paper “How to start down the ERP selection path.”

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