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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ERP Myth or Reality?

End-users can be an obstacle to ERP success.

This is a reality! Just think about what impact the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will have on the performance and job satisfaction of your users. Before implementation, it is wise to send a survey out to your end-users. Questions about the users’ involvement in the implementation of the ERP system, perceptions of the system implementation team, relationship with the implementation team, and the users’ satisfaction with the current business software should be asked.

Forcing a new ERP software system upon the users without first getting their input can result in many obstacles. Remember, your end-users are not robots performing a task. An ERP system shapes, and should be shaped by, its users. For ultimate success, the end-users must take ownership of the ERP and commit to fully utilizing.

ERP Selection teams need to listen, understand, acknowledge, and respond to end-user needs. By involving your end-users, they will take ownership of the ERP, thus improving the chances of implementation success.

Getting your employees on board the ERP train is critical to your ERP success. For more tips on ERP selection, check out the whitepaper "How to Start Down the ERP Selection Path."

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