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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Benefits of Going Virtual

Virtualization is the future for delivering ERP Systems and other IT services to your end-users. If you’re looking to make the leap to a virtual infrastructure, or want to take the next small step to optimizing what you already have, read on. With several great options available to the midmarket, many smaller businesses are discovering the virtues of going virtual too.

Why all the interest? Reduced costs and increased efficiency — because like any good IT investment, virtualization has to make sound business sense.Consider for a minute the:

• Reduced total cost of ownership: Consolidating your servers from many disparate physical servers to fewer, better utilized virtual servers saves more than storage space — it can save money. It also helps simplify your infrastructure to reduce admin time and hassle. Not to mention, the centralized delivery of your ERP VISUAL System.

• Easier, cheaper support: Replacing desktop PCs with thin clients further simplifies your infrastructure. No moving parts mean fewer breakdowns and happier, more productive users.

• Smaller electricity bills: Fewer servers and lower energy consumption lead to an office that’s kinder to the environment.

• Greater peace of mind: Server virtualization also makes backup and disaster recovery simpler and faster. Businesses of all sizes can enjoy a higher level of business continuity and data protection.

So the benefits are extensive, yet many midsized organizations are still lingering on the doorstep of virtualization, or have started the journey, but won’t take the next step. Don’t hesitate! Wherever you are on the road, there’s a bump-free way forward.

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