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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Webinar: Managing Your Infor Software Lifecycle with EPAK

Getting and keeping employees trained on all your business processes and systems is no easy task. Like most companies in the current economy, you're trying to do more with less-and the pressure on your employees to get things right the first time is greater than ever.

The Infor Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK) can help you meet these challenges across the entire lifecycle of your software systems. During this webinar, you will see how EPAK helps you realize:

• Increased user acceptance and productivity
• Smoother, faster implementations
• Reduced support requests
• Lower training costs per employee

View this webinar on Thursday, October 21 2010 at 2 PM EDT to find out how Infor EPAK gives your organization a single platform for managing the software lifecycle:

• Pre-implementation: EPAK helps you evaluate functionality and conduct user acceptance testing, business process reviews, and approvals

• During implementation: EPAK provides tools for instructor-led and web-based training, as well as usage tracking and user acceptancetraining

• Post-implementation: EPAK can be used to deliver job aids, product assitance, simulations, and application coaching

Click here to register for this event.

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