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Monday, August 2, 2010

Infor ERP VISUAL 7 Pre-Release Announcement

Posted by Joe Zalewski, Managing Partner and COO at BizTech

I must admit that being an Infor ERP VISUAL Channel Partner is pretty cool! I recently attended the Infor Channel Partner Summit and got to experience first hand Infor’s commitment to the future of VISUAL. What we all know and love as VISUAL Manufacturing Software, Infor ERP VISUAL, is considered a flagship product and Infor has recently expanded the development team resources by 20%. With the recent Infor and Microsoft partnership announcement, the future of VISUAL is a Shining Star.

Balancing updated technology and a fresh user interface with manufacturing, financial, and technological enhancements, Infor™ ERP VISUAL release 7.0 will provide robust features to increase efficiency for manufacturers using VISUAL. Release 7.0 will be available before the end of 2010.

Highlights include:
  • Improving User Efficiency
  • Enhancements for Improved Manufacturing Support
  • Improved Accounting Processes
  • New Administrative Enhancements

For a list of all of the enhancements, please contact your BizTech VISUAL Solutions advisor at 800-804-4715 or email your request to


  1. I hope they feature channel management services that would help improve channel sales strategies.

  2. No doubt that Infor ERP VISUAL's success in channel sales can be attributed to great partnerships and reliable channel management solution!

  3. How do we get some screenshots to find out what exactly 7.0 offers?

  4. For more information on VISUAL 7, please contact BizTech at 800.804.4715 or via email at