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Thursday, August 12, 2010

ERP Myth or Reality?

You don’t need to define functional and business requirements before selecting an ERP software.

This is a myth! It is very important to define functional and business requirements before even thinking of selecting an ERP system. Surveys have shown that inadequate definition of functional requirements accounts for nearly 60% of ERP implementation failures. To avoid becoming part of that 60% failure club, you must develop a comprehensive, quality set of functional requirements definitions. Getting the functional and business requirements wrong could lead to the selection of an ERP package that does not fit your organization.

You can get started on the right track by creating a ‘wish list’ of what you want an ERP system to do for your company. Then, audit your current processes to identify your business-critical functionality needed in the Manufacturing ERP Software System to be implemented. Next, create a list of processes that need to be revised or replaced inside your organization. Automating with ERP is great, but you have to automate the correct processes and business practices to be successful!

Find out more tips on ERP selection by reading the white paper “How to Start Down the ERP Selection Path.”

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