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Monday, November 2, 2009

Infor ERP VISUAL: Statement of Commitment

Infor ERP VISUAL is a key component of Infor’s comprehensive strategy to be the software provider for world class manufacturing companies. Infor’s belief, "Customer of Infor; Customer for Life," is core to not only supporting Infor ERP VISUAL customers, but also to growing Infor ERP VISUAL to meet the challenges that our customers face each day.

Infor is a leader in the ERP market, investing resources back into our products. We are not only investing in growing the core of ERP VISUAL, but we also invest in the Infor OpenSOA components that make expanding your business as efficient and nondisruptive as possible. We want Infor ERP VISUAL to be a system you can depend on to meet the ever changing needs of your company. Wherever you go, we want to go and grow with you.

To support you, Infor has a world class partner community that is one of the most experienced manufacturing ERP communities in the business. It is my firm belief that any Infor customer can feel confident in using Infor ERP VISUAL as the foundation for their future.

-Jim Schaper, Infor Chairman & CEO

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