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Monday, November 23, 2009

Infor ERP VISUAL Well Represented at 2009 FabTech Show

Posted by Joe Zalewski

Toledo, OH – November 23, 2009 – Last week, I spent 4 days in Chicago at the 2009 FABTECH International, AWS Welding and METALFORM show which was held at McCormick Place. I was truly amazed at how well Infor ERP VISUAL was represented, as a number of VISUAL end-user companies from throughout the United States and Canada were at the show as exhibitors and attendees.

Many of our VISUAL clients were exhibiting their products, among them were Magnetic Products, Manitowoc Tool & Die, Smedberg Machine, Moeller Manufacturing, PTM Corporation and Braner USA. I was quite impressed with some of the new product development. Congratulations to Keith Rhodes and Magnetic Products, who won a New Product Innovation Award.

Bill Price, Greg Jones and myself were among over 1100 exhibiting companies that converged in Chicago for the start of the show last Sunday. The FabTech show lasted through Wednesday- the attendance was good, and traffic at the BizTech booth was consistent throughout the show. To all the folks that stopped by booth #17105, I’m sure that BizTech will be forever remembered as “The Back Scratcher Guys”.

Having spent so much time talking to many Manufacturers and Distributors, it seems to me that everyone is cautiously optimistic about the US economy moving in the right direction. Like BizTech, many people that I talked with have noticed an increase in business over the last 90 days or so.

I was thrilled to meet so many people who were looking for a manufacturing ERP software solution, another sign that there is some confidence in the economy. We had the opportunity to provide a demo of VISUAL for several companies, and I’m sure that this year’s show was just the beginning of some new business relationships. A common requirement amongst those evaluating business software was the need for a shop floor scheduling solution. The VISUAL Scheduler seemed to impress those who viewed the 5-minute Infor ERP video.

It was great to talk to so many of our clients who are satisfied and seeing the benefit of using VISUAL to manage their business information. Many stated that they are excited about the direction that Infor Global Solutions is taking with VISUAL. Amongst those that I talked to, an interest in Infor MyDay was a hot topic. Many stated that for this reason alone, they are looking to upgrade to VISUAL version 6.5.4.

In conclusion, the 2009 FABTECH International, AWS Welding and METALFORM show was undoubtedly a success. Many new relationships were forged, and some will certainly develop into new business opportunities. Next year’s show will be held in Atlanta, and by that time the US economy should be back in full swing, something that we are all looking forward to. Thanks to all and don’t forget…At BizTech, We Have Your Back!

About the author: Joe Zalewski is Managing Partner and COO at BizTech, an Infor ERP VISUAL Channel Partner, located in Toledo, Ohio.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Remove an extended query

Did you know that you can remove an extended query?

There are many reasons why you might want to remove an extended query. You may have inherited modified QRP reports where something is just not right, you want to diagnose a problem that surfaced, or you might want to enhance an existing report and need to temporarily remove the existing extended query. Whatever the case, there is way to do this.

Standard reports within VISUAL are performed within executables in which inputs to the report are hard coded into the executables. Extended queries allow desired information that isn’t an input to be added to the report as a variable linking data to the report.

To remove the query, you must:
  1. Open the desired QRP using the Gupta Report Builder.
  2. Go to the formulas in the object tree on the left and find the one named SQLQUERY.
  3. Right click on SQLQUERY and select properties.
  4. Make sure the SQLQUERY in the middle widow box and click Select Formula.
  5. Click the delete button then the OK button and confirm that you want to delete the selected formula.
  6. Go to the Input Variables in the object tree on the left.
  7. Right click and delete each input variable.

This edition of VISUAL Did You Know is brought to you by BizTech VISUAL Consultant, Ivan Wilson.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Manually Enable VISUAL Help / Books Online Files

Did you know that you can manually enable Visual Help / Books Online files?

Under certain conditions in some VISUAL 6.5.x environments, security can impede the ability of VISUAL Help or Books Online from launching.

To manually enable this functionality, you need to:

1. Run Regedit
3. Right Click the Help folder.
4. Select New then String Value from the menu and add a new entry (Example VM.CHM).
5. Double click the new entry.
6. In the Edit String window, enter the path to where the appropriate .CHM file is located.
7. Repeat the above steps to add VF.CHM, EIS.CHM, Barcode.CHM

Presto! VISUAL Help / Books Online is now enabled.

This edition of VISUAL Did You Know is brought to you by BizTech VISUAL Consultant, Ivan Wilson.

Infor ERP VISUAL: Statement of Commitment

Infor ERP VISUAL is a key component of Infor’s comprehensive strategy to be the software provider for world class manufacturing companies. Infor’s belief, "Customer of Infor; Customer for Life," is core to not only supporting Infor ERP VISUAL customers, but also to growing Infor ERP VISUAL to meet the challenges that our customers face each day.

Infor is a leader in the ERP market, investing resources back into our products. We are not only investing in growing the core of ERP VISUAL, but we also invest in the Infor OpenSOA components that make expanding your business as efficient and nondisruptive as possible. We want Infor ERP VISUAL to be a system you can depend on to meet the ever changing needs of your company. Wherever you go, we want to go and grow with you.

To support you, Infor has a world class partner community that is one of the most experienced manufacturing ERP communities in the business. It is my firm belief that any Infor customer can feel confident in using Infor ERP VISUAL as the foundation for their future.

-Jim Schaper, Infor Chairman & CEO