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Monday, August 31, 2009

Control auto-issue of material to work orders with VISUAL.INI file

Did you know that the VISUAL.INI file can be used to control auto-issue of material to work orders?

The following setting in the VISUAL.INI file will control the auto issue of material based on the units reported in labor ticket entry. These parameters must be physically typed into the VISUAL.INI file

AutoIssueMaterialReq=Y or N
If N, then material quantity issued to the workorder is based on good pieces only and does
not include any deviated quantity. If Y, then material quantity issued to the workorder is based on both good and deviated quantity.

Another method is to use the setting that is controlled from within
Labor Ticket Entry/ Preferences which will add the fixed scrap or scrap % to the good pieces that you report in labor ticket entry. So, if you report only good pieces and want to auto issue additional material based on the standard scrap % in the operation card, you can control that with the Labor Ticket Preference setting shown below.

Depending on whether you check the box (Y) or leave it unchecked (N) VISUAL will write the following statement into the VISUAL.INI file

AutoIssueFixedScrap=N or Y
Auto issue transactions will include quantity to cover scrap percent and/or fixed scrap as
designated on operation card. If Y than auto issue material based on Scrap %, if N will not auto issue additional material.

This edition of VISUAL Did You Know was provided by BizTech VISUAL Consultant Joe Horvath.

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