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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clarification of COM Object Support for Infor ERP VISUAL

As you know, Infor recently introduced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Object Documents (BODs) to help transport data to and from the VISUAL database. As a result, Infor is moving away from a COM interface as the mechanism for users to create and modify VISUAL data. The future plan is to allow users to use BODs to maintain data in the VISUAL database.

As you may be aware, the library of COM objects originally included with VISUAL Version 6.0 is now outdated, and in some cases does not correctly support current versions of VISUAL (6.5.x). The primary purpose of these objects was to allow VISUAL to communicate with other VISUAL applications such as VISUAL Price Book. Users could also use them to create custom user interfaces using any generally available COM-compliant language. While the COM objects have been used in the field by the Infor Professional Services team or authorized Infor service partners for customizations, these COM objects were not intended to be a toolset that was supported under a customer’s maintenance and support agreement.

Please note that the COM objects’ business rules have not been updated as new versions of VISUAL were released, and Infor does not intend to do so. Infor will not be enhancing these objects or bringing them up to the current release of VISUAL.

In future releases of VISUAL, Infor plans to remove these objects from the VISUAL product media (download). When an object is removed, it will be documented in the release notes so you can plan accordingly if you have customizations built around that object. If you have a need for a customization of VISUAL, please contact your Channel Partner or Account Representative.

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