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Monday, August 31, 2009

Infor MyDay voted one of the ‘Most Innovative Products by a Vendor’

The July/August issue of Manufacturing Business Technology was a special issue that featured the 2009 MBT Innovation Insight Awards. The MBT Innovation Insight Awards recognize products and projects that are most reflective of MBT’s mission: explaining how technology can be used to solve real business problems. Infor MyDay took third place in the “Most Innovative Product by a Vendor” category.

From the article...
ERP software suites are the “backbone” systems for today’s companies but, historically, users needed to be experts in navigating those systems to find the information they needed to do their jobs. With its Infor MyDay tool, ERP vendor Infor Global Solutions set out to fix this problem. The result was a solution that garnered third place among products created by vendors in MBT’s 2009 Innovation Insight Awards competition...

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Manufacturing Business Technology is an online IT magazine geared towards manufacturing executives. Check out the magazine at

Control auto-issue of material to work orders with VISUAL.INI file

Did you know that the VISUAL.INI file can be used to control auto-issue of material to work orders?

The following setting in the VISUAL.INI file will control the auto issue of material based on the units reported in labor ticket entry. These parameters must be physically typed into the VISUAL.INI file

AutoIssueMaterialReq=Y or N
If N, then material quantity issued to the workorder is based on good pieces only and does
not include any deviated quantity. If Y, then material quantity issued to the workorder is based on both good and deviated quantity.

Another method is to use the setting that is controlled from within
Labor Ticket Entry/ Preferences which will add the fixed scrap or scrap % to the good pieces that you report in labor ticket entry. So, if you report only good pieces and want to auto issue additional material based on the standard scrap % in the operation card, you can control that with the Labor Ticket Preference setting shown below.

Depending on whether you check the box (Y) or leave it unchecked (N) VISUAL will write the following statement into the VISUAL.INI file

AutoIssueFixedScrap=N or Y
Auto issue transactions will include quantity to cover scrap percent and/or fixed scrap as
designated on operation card. If Y than auto issue material based on Scrap %, if N will not auto issue additional material.

This edition of VISUAL Did You Know was provided by BizTech VISUAL Consultant Joe Horvath.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Drag & Drop Many Items to Line Items

Did You Know that you can Drag and Drop Many Items To Line Items? This works in VISUAL 6.5.2, 6.5.3, and 6.5.4

If you are entering lines in a table, you can drag and drop data from the browse window into the line. For example, if you are entering lines in Customer Order Entry and you have the Part Browse window open, you can drag one or more parts from the browse window onto the line item table. VISUAL adds the relevant information to the lines. You can also select multiple lines by clicking on one line and dragging the cursor through other rows or by holding CTRL and clicking different lines.

Here’s How:

1) Click the normal “Browse” button to bring up the list of Parts.

2) Scroll through the list or apply a search filter to get to the parts you need to add.

3) Select one or more rows by clicking the dark box at the front of the line.

a. To select various lines, hold the CTRL key on your keyboard as you click.

4) When ready, LEFT-CLICK and HOLD for a second on one of the dark boxes in front of a selected line.

5) The mouse pointer will change to include a small box.

6) Keep holding the left mouse button.

7) Drag the mouse pointer to the line item table.

8) Release the mouse button anywhere in the line item table.

9) The Parts selected will all be added as new line items.

10) Update Qty, Price, etc. as usual.

Mike Brown, BizTech’s CEO & Senior VISUAL Consultant, provided this edition of VISUAL Did You Know?™

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clarification of COM Object Support for Infor ERP VISUAL

As you know, Infor recently introduced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Object Documents (BODs) to help transport data to and from the VISUAL database. As a result, Infor is moving away from a COM interface as the mechanism for users to create and modify VISUAL data. The future plan is to allow users to use BODs to maintain data in the VISUAL database.

As you may be aware, the library of COM objects originally included with VISUAL Version 6.0 is now outdated, and in some cases does not correctly support current versions of VISUAL (6.5.x). The primary purpose of these objects was to allow VISUAL to communicate with other VISUAL applications such as VISUAL Price Book. Users could also use them to create custom user interfaces using any generally available COM-compliant language. While the COM objects have been used in the field by the Infor Professional Services team or authorized Infor service partners for customizations, these COM objects were not intended to be a toolset that was supported under a customer’s maintenance and support agreement.

Please note that the COM objects’ business rules have not been updated as new versions of VISUAL were released, and Infor does not intend to do so. Infor will not be enhancing these objects or bringing them up to the current release of VISUAL.

In future releases of VISUAL, Infor plans to remove these objects from the VISUAL product media (download). When an object is removed, it will be documented in the release notes so you can plan accordingly if you have customizations built around that object. If you have a need for a customization of VISUAL, please contact your Channel Partner or Account Representative.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Greg Jones Joins BizTech as an Account Executive for Infor ERP VISUAL

Toledo, OH – August 10, 2009: BizTech, an Infor Channel Partner for ERP VISUAL and provider of information technology solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Greg Jones to its team. Greg has joined BizTech as an Account Executive to support new sales of Infor ERP VISUAL software to small and midsize manufacturers in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Greg has spent more than twenty years of his professional career delivering manufacturing software solutions, including eight plus years of experience with the VISUAL product suite.

"Greg is a solid addition to our VISUAL New Account Sales Team", commented Joe Zalewski, Managing Partner and COO of BizTech, "With his corporate and channel partner background, Greg brings unparalleled ERP Systems sales experience to our organization."

Check out the full press release

Bill Price Joins BizTech as an Account Executive for Infor ERP VISUAL

Toledo, OH – August 10, 2009: BizTech, an Infor Channel Partner for ERP VISUAL and provider of information technology solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Bill Price to its team. Bill has joined BizTech as an Account Executive to support new sales of Infor ERP VISUAL software to mid market manufacturing companies in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Bill has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and ERP software solutions that includes more than 12 years of hands-on experience with Infor ERP VISUAL in customer, pre-sales and account management roles.

Check out the full press release