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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fix ellipses distortion caused by Object Nationalizer with a .MANIFEST file

Did you know that adding a .manifest file to the VISUAL executable folder fixes the ellipsis in modified windows where it was previously distorted?

Problem: When using Object Nationalizer to make any changes to a VISUAL 6.5.x application, the browse buttons will get distorted or show portions of text instead of the normal ellipse graphic. This has been a known issue for a while and there wasn’t a workaround until now. This works for both direct edits of the executables and for modifications using Overlay files.

By Default … any changes will cause various buttons to look like this:

Using the Solution below, the buttons will look like this after saving with Object Nationalizer:

Cause of Problem:
The ellipsis is added during the compile of the executables, and since Object Nationalizer does not do a true compile, the ellipse graphics are sometimes lost.

Adding a properly named .manifest file to the VISUAL executable folder will add the ellipsis in modified windows.

How to create the MANIFEST file:

1. Open a new file in NOTEPAD
2. Name the file “MANIFEST.TXT
3. Copy the following into the File and Save.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestversion="1.0">

4. Copy the MANIFEST.TXT file to your VISUAL executable directory for future reference.

5. For each VISUAL Executable file you need to modify, save a copy of this file with a new name.

6. Use Save As from Notepad to save the file to “EXENAME.EXE.MANIFEST” (EXENAME = Executable Name)
a. Example: Part Maintenance would be VMPRTMNT.EXE.MANIFEST

7. Presto! Use Object Nationalizer as usual and save the changes.

BizTech’s CEO and Senior VISUAL Consultant, Mike Brown, provided this edition of VISUAL Did You Know™

(If the code above does not work when copied, go here)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Use Multiple Versions of a Custom QRP Report

Did you know you can use multiple versions of a custom QRP report?

All Infor ERP VISUAL reports and forms are based on a technology that allows the format of a report to be separated from its contents by storing each repot layout in separate report template. These template files are editable using the Gupta Report Writer tool.

The report format overrides allow customizations of forms on a system-wide and user-specific basis. Three possible override contents are available to select from- Entity, User and Always. If you select the User option, a User ID field appears where you can enter a User ID.

For example, if you need to make additional modifications to an existing custom report that is already defined in the reports overrides, you:

  1. Copy and rename the target QRP file
  2. Add an additional line for the same report using either your User ID or the User ID of the person that needs to view the QRP report that is in the works. You can now view & test the report in the VISUAL environment without disrupting other users of the original report.
  3. When the custom QRP file is ready to go live, just change the names of the QRP files appropriately and delete the line from the Report File Override dialog box.

BizTech VISUAL Consultant Ivan Wilson provided this edition of VISUAL Did You Know™

Monday, May 11, 2009

Correct an incorrect quantity on new work orders

Did you know that you can easily correct an incorrect quantity on a new work order?

You can easily correct an incorrect quantity on a new work order by double clicking on the top box at the bottom of the Manufacturing Window, entering the correct quantity in the ‘Quantity’ field, clicking ‘Save’ and then selecting ‘Release’. However, if you have already released the work order you may want to re-release it so that it can recalculate for the revised quantity.

Many thanks to Leysa Ferguson of
Arete Prime Products, Inc for providing this edition of VISUAL Did You Know?™