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Friday, April 17, 2009

Restrict Items Shown in VISUAL Browse Windows

Did you know you can restrict what items are shown in your Visual browse windows?

The key lies in a simple edit to your VMBrowse.ini file.

The steps are:

1. Find the section for the type of browse you wish to limit. For example, to modify what
you see when you search on the PART number, find the [PART] section.
2. Find the line that says where=
3. Enter the restriction, using standard SQL language. This is, in effect, the “where” clause of a query.

For example, to remove all OBSOLETE parts from your part browse window, change the line to: Where=STATUS IS NULL

Since obsolete parts contain the value ‘O’ in that field, they do not match the search criteria, and will be excluded! (Note: there is also a VFBrowse.ini file for the financial search windows)

This edition of VISUAL Did You Know™ was provided by BizTech VISUAL Consultant Paul Turnberg.

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